We spent the morning at the aquarium on the Promenade. We got splashed by the seals when we fed them, which was fun.#

After the aquarium, we headed up for a few rounds of Fascination, of course! Then we had lunch and walked back to the condo.#

We're just hanging out in the condo for a bit and enjoying the ocean view. We're going to head out to the beach in a bit.#

Tonight we're cooking steaks, and then we're going to have a bonfire on the beach to say goodbye to our last night here.#

Today's background image is a picture of vintage candy boxes at a store in Seaside. #

We arrived in Seaside yesterday. The vacation has been great so far. We spent some time at the beach, shopped for souvenirs, and played several rounds of a really fun boardwalk game called Fascination.#

Today's background image is a sunset on the beach in Seaside, Oregon.#

Seaside is a neat town. It has a very vintage feeling to it that I really like. There are lots of tourists, but they're mostly local tourists.#

It's a little beach town on the Oregon coast with a nice downtown area and a promenade. There are bumper cars, an arcade, great shops, lots of little food places that have ice cream and other summer treats, great restaurants, and an old school candy store.#

Every memory I have of Seaside is great. I love it. This week we are staying in a beach condo so we will spend more time relaxing. I need it. We both do.#

Today's background image is a view of the Hawthorne bridge in Portland.#

I don't yet know if I'm one of them. I hope not.#

Some of my friends have been let go already. I feel very sad about it. I'm sad that they got laid off, sad that they have to deal with it, sad that I won't see them anymore.#

I know it's naive but I thought that I wouldn't see this happen here.#

If I get laid off, I will be devastated. I worked so hard and so long to get here. I don't want to lose it now.#

It all started back in 2000, the heady days of Web 1.0. It became trendy to register a domain and point it at a site that listed just one thing that changed each time you refreshed the page.#

In an episode of the TV show "The Critic", Jay Sherman's mom said something about blasting all the poor people out into space.#

I decided to create "Out Into Space" so people could post things they think should be blasted out into space. It seemed very George Carlin-esque to me. #

For example, I would like to blast out into space all the people that throw open their car doors and ding mine.#

I used "Out Into Space" as a cognomen for quite some time. Eventually the web gave way to Twitter and "outintospace" was just too long. #

I've been doing a lot of research into knowledge bases, note taking, outliners, and the like. It seems like representation of knowledge is an extremely difficult proposition. The technology isn't the limitation; the UX is.#

Today's background image is Seattle on a sunny day.#

I'm a big fan of Ray Kurzweil. His TED talk about hybrid thinking has some interesting applicability to my research into computational creativity.#

Today's background image is a poppy field, perhaps a bit late for Memorial Day.#

Stone Cold Steve Austin supports marriage equality.#

Data science is on my mind a lot these days. I had to drop the R programming course this month, and pick it up next month, so I could focus on the other data science course I'm doing.#

We went to Absinthe, a fantastic show with amazing acrobatics and a very funny MC.#

We didn't gamble much, just a bit here and there. I won $150 on a $5 bet and we used that money for most of our enjoyment over the weekend.#

It was annoying being accosted by people so much. Everyone had something to sell.#

We stayed at the Riviera, which was convenient to both downtown and the Strip. Unfortunately, we didn't make it downtown.#

I can say we were both pretty exhausted and happy to come home. :blush:#

Sometimes I'm more frightened by what I know than what I don't know.#

When I was a kid, my little brother Erik and I were really into WWF wrestling.#

Erik had an Ultimate Warrior wrestling buddy, which was a plush toy that he could wrestle with.#

One time Erik was on the top bunk and threw the Ultimate Warrior over his head. The Ultimate Warrior broke our room's light fixture.#

I have many memories of watching the Ultimate Warrior's facepaint come off as wrestling matches endured.#

The last memory I have of him is finding out that he ran out of energy while running to the ring due to so much steroid use.#

Sometimes I wish cops would realize that pulling over motorists in a major thoroughfare is really annoying and accident-prone.#

The first course is "Data Scientist's Toolbox". It was very easy.#

Next up is "R Programming" and then "Getting and Cleaning Data".#

After those courses are completed in April, I'll start a new round of courses in May. They are "Exploratory Data Analysis", "Statistical Inference", and "Reproducible Research."#

The course rounds out with "Regression Models", "Practical Machine Learning", and "Developing Data Products".#

AND FINALLY, I do a capstone project and publish it on GitHub.#

You know, I think it sounds pretty fun.#

Today I installed Node.js for Visual Studio and Windows 8.1 Update 1.#

I made good progress in my "Data Scientist Toolbox" course on Coursera last night. It's pretty lightweight but interesting.#

This morning I was reminded of a game show in which contestants had to decipher messages on license plates after being given a clue. For example, "Bill Cosby's license plate" would be the clue, and the plate would read "IIPI." The answer is, of course, "I Spy."#

I'm going to Las Vegas this weekend to celebrate my birthday and Zoe's birthday.#

On April 25 I'm going to Portland for an early Mother's Day thing for Zoe's mom.#

In June I'm going to Alaska for an IEEE conference.#

Sometime in the late summer I'm going to Seaside for my annual vacation.#

Somewhere in there I need to make a trip to Vancouver, BC.#

I have about a hundred pages of Gartner analysis to read in the next week or so. Good thing I have an airplane trip coming up.#

I really want to do Coursera's data science specialization, but I'm not sure if I want to commit the time, which would be about five hours per week.#

Zoe gave me two bowties.#

A book about abstract expressionism.#

Three pairs of graphical socks.#

A shirt with "Don't copy that floppy" on it.#

Robot magnets.#

She knows me.#

We had brunch at Portage Bay in South Lake Union. We put our name on the list and there was a 45 minute wait. Zoe didn't want to wait, so we drove around downtown Seattle until we gave up and went back to Portage Bay. They had called our names already.#

After brunch we went shopping for a new office chair. I was very unimpressed by the Aeron and more unimpressed by the people trying to sell it to me.#

Shopping can be exhausting, especially when you don't buy anything.#

At the art supply store, the clerk said, "A brush? Nice. Are you going to use this for painting or as a prop?" I thought, Don't you see all those acrylics in my basked too?#

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